Oregon man charged for helping thousands steal Internet service

What's Hawt: A man from Redmond, Oregon has been convicted on 7 counts of wire fraud for assisting others in illegally obtaining access to the Internet.

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AgentWhite2389d ago

funny thing in the article he pleaded by " saying that everyone has a right to Internet access"

fatstarr2389d ago

the courts weren't feeling that response. if he had the best lawyer that money could buy the case could have been handled differently and maybe a better outcome.

Speed-Racer2388d ago

He would have to hide all his assets though AND convince every single customer to lie about making payments for the hardware mods.

Speed-Racer2389d ago

Guess I have to switch back to breaking Wifi passwords again.

fatstarr2389d ago

I see no problem with this lol.

Speed-Racer2389d ago

ahahah, whenever my neighbours leave the routers unprotected...I usually change all the settings so it's locked and has some name like "dildo" or something. Given that their networks aren't locked, it's 99% guaranteed that the admin details are the same as default.

fatstarr2389d ago

Based on the comments you should be arrested and sent to jail for this.
thats stealing and a case of breaking and entering.
remember the internet is srs bizniz.

Crazay2388d ago

You total dick. lol. That's hilarious.

dilawer2389d ago

He got what he deserved, stealing is a crime, whether steal a cent or a million.

C_Menz2389d ago

This is absolutely true, the guy charged for providing the services should be guilty and also the people who accepted the stolen internet should be punished as well.

fatstarr2389d ago

wow thats crazy this guy is another idol of mine. Idk why I look up to people like this.

epic epic epic. what a Boss.

yourfacewhen you realize that the internet is technically free and its a bunch of wires interconnecting with each other and communicating.

C_Menz2389d ago

How is it free? It takes maintenance to keep all the connections working and to run the DNS servers.

Just a couple weeks ago a ship took out Africa's internet wire!!!! How does that get replaced without money involved?

kaveti66162388d ago

I don't know. Perhaps the CEOs of these companies who give themselves hundreds of millions of dollars should take a pay cut when something bad happens, instead of laying off employees.

C_Menz2388d ago

That does not provide a valid point as to why a service that requires millions if not billions a year in maintenance should be free. I'd like to hear one.

kaveti66162388d ago

Price gouging has nothing to do with maintenance fees. The service providers monopolize regions and inflate the price of their services because they CAN, not because they NEED to.

Again, when things go bad, what does the CEO do? Does he take a pay cut, or does he lay off employees?

That's the answer to the question of whether screwing the company over is immoral or not. They expect us to follow the rules, when they abandon all decency for money? To hell with them.

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