Chinese iPhone Fan Kills Counterfeiter with a Knife

Appyzilla: A chinese guy bought a brand new iPhone from an electronics plaza in Zhengzhou, well he thought it was brand new. But when later when he found out it was fake, he grabbed a kitchen knife and went back to the plaza to find the seller.

After coming back every day to 27 plaza for several days unsuccessfully finding the seller, he found another group of counterfeit iPhone sellers, got into an argument and ending up stabbing one of them to death.

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C_Menz2272d ago

You'll be surprised at what certain people will do...

neoragex2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )


oh wait.. I don wanna know.. lol

C_Menz2272d ago

I was referring to saying it isn't real.. Someone killing someone over anything iPhone related doesn't surprise me.

ChrisW2271d ago

One of the few good things about China. People are crazy enough to go out and kill criminals.

Blaine2271d ago


I lived and worked in Shanghai for 3 months as a model. You wouldn't believe the shit... We had a saying: "This is China".

Things like this article do not surprise me one bit. Not because they're murderous crazy people, that's not what I mean. But sociologically, with class inequalities, the little worth they attribute to their lives, and social/ economic pressures, something's gotta give.

Not surprised at all. "This is China".

Speed-Racer2271d ago

@blaine - Indeed. I know a house full of Chinese who immigrated about 2 years back (about 30 of them) and the strange stories they told me that were normal for them really freaked me out. That incident as well where the workers threatened to jump off the Foxconn building, it just amazes me because I know that the job situation there is terrible and ppl are willing to do anything to work. I see a lot of the business white collar people are even moving to the countryside now to pick up farming, because of the cut throat lifestyle in the city.

dilawer2272d ago

that's quite aggressive, I am certain the attacker had some issues.

Lol iSheep! ["Yes, I'm being offensive :P" J/K]

Kurylo3d2272d ago

In a study from some university people found that the apple symbol is equated to the cross in christianity and catholicism... Some people take it as seriously. Burn a regligious text, solders get shot. Sell a bootleg iphone, better be ready to get stabbed.

slavish2272d ago

some university study, lmao! GTFO, anyone can make a study or survey to support a case, that doesn't make it a fact. You should take stats 101.

Kurylo3d2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

dude seriously.. i dont remember what it was, but it was genuine that the apple logo has gained the same recognition as religious symbols.

And you wonder why people fight to promote their product which is clearly inferior? People justify spending $10,000 on a $1000 dollar machine. lol "because its better" is the only answer they can muster up.

And clearly judging by the fact that someone got knifed out of anger of taking away that dream of an apple logo from them... well goes to prove the point...

slavish2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

@ Kurylo3d I think the guy being CRAZY had more to do with it then it being a apple product, but thats just me :)

SilentNegotiator2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

"In a study from some university people found that the apple symbol is equated to the cross in christianity and catholicism..."

That has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with this story. This guy got ripped off and he was angry. Unfortunately, he snapped on the wrong people, because those people were doing the same thing as the person that he had built hatred for over a month's time.

The only thing more sad than the guy would buys EVERY iteration of the ipad/phone is the guy that attacks Apple and its fans, even when it's completely unwarranted. The first guy walks away with an electronic that he's happy with, the second walks away with a psychological fixation. Think about it.

Blaine2271d ago

That's funny, it has the exact opposite effect on me!

fatstarr2272d ago

Lol apple definitely guys head.
Taking it too far

neoragex2271d ago

I hope you aren't saying it's apple's fault :)

fatstarr2271d ago

I definitely am.

just like if some kid killed his parents similar to a mission to gta I would blame gta.

GamingManiac2271d ago

You must be joking?...

SKUD2271d ago

Just goes with the territory. Justified.

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