Hackers Winning Security War, Said Executives At RSA Conference

Huffingtonpost : Technology security professionals seeking wisdom from industry leaders in San Francisco this week saw more of the dark side than they had expected: a procession of CEO speakers whose companies have been hacked.

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Strongfist362389d ago

But of course! It is always easier to bring down a wall than it is to build one.

AgentWhite2389d ago

Hacker have created a havoc around in recent times . Why don't they come forward to help companies in testing and earn some reputed money .

C_Menz2389d ago

Hacking is always easier than building security measures, and with the new "wave" of internet savvy kids there is probably an increased amount of people growing up with some sort of hacking knowledge.

I doubt any improvement comes anytime soon unless there are laws in place to track a user's internet usage more closely and have no way around it.....but then even that will be hacked in time.