IntoMobile: Playstation Vita Review – Long live play

IntoMobile: I've been carrying around the PS Vita for the past week and playing with it any chance I get. Originally it was for the purpose of writing this review, and now that I'm done with my review of the Vita, I can't imagine going anywhere without it. The games currently available for the Vita are absolutely amazing to play. When you consider launch games for most game systems are usually not good, this certainly speaks volumes of what the Vita is capable of.

Sony promised to supersede mobile gaming when the Vita released, but seeing as it's priced as much as a current generation console, I don't see that happening any time soon. The convenience and performance of an iOS or Android device will keep a lot of casual and hardcore gamers happy, while those who are looking for a near console experience will be very pleased with the Vita. I believe if gamers get a chance to play with the Vita, they may think twice about playing games on their iPhones.

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