Lady Gaga the First to Hit 20 Million Twitter Followers

Mashable - Lady Gaga has become the first person to attract 20 million followers on Twitter, blasting through that landmark number on Saturday.

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Speed-Racer1965d ago

No one cares unfortunately.

C_Menz1964d ago

Well, you would think. But I work with a guy and most likely he will be raving about this at work. He is in his 30's and is nuts about Gaga. Kind of sad...but always funny when he dances to her music at work.

cyberbob1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Hmm yea that's why she hit 20 million followers

Speed-Racer1964d ago

The fact that she hit 20 million I meant.

cyberbob1964d ago

I want to know why this girl named as fame monster.

Speed-Racer1964d ago

God I hope you are joking.

Abdou231964d ago

Some taste the Americans have...