Windows 8 vs. iPad: feature by feature

The Verge - Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview was made available to download yesterday, giving everyone a chance to experience the company's most revolutionary change in user interface since Windows 95. The interaction paradigm has shifted from a mouse-centric desktop to a touch-friendly, highly visual Metro style UI. The old Start orb has been retired and replaced by a Charms bar, which is brought to life with an inward swipe from the right. A swipe from the top down dismisses the app you're in and returns you to the home screen, and the left and bottom edges also have actions associated with them. Gestures play a very significant role in Windows 8, but they're only one aspect of a truly gargantuan list of changes.

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fatstarr2271d ago

Couldnt have said it better.

A samsung like ad for windows.8 during the ipad 3 launch would be perfect marketing.

C_Menz2271d ago

I don't think it will kill it completely right off the bat since Apple has a huge following and has the under 25 crowd on this side. But as the industry adopts Windows 8 and supports it since it is a more complete mobile OS it will start to shift the MS unless Apple reinvents iOS.

Kurylo3d2270d ago

oh i wasnt making a prediction. Just a statement. Death to ipad. lol

Strange_Evil2271d ago

Good competitor to the iPad. As much as I like my iPad (and the new display rumors of 2048x1536 has already me drooling), I would really love an updated OS for it. Hope Apple announce it in Wednesday's event or at least give us a glimpse of iOS6 for the iPad. At least the current signs point towards OSX integration in iOS and vice versa..

The only bad thing about Windows for me would have to be the fact that you have to switch between Metro and Aero. I think the OS will require at least 1-2 more years to mature into a full fledge OS with decent App support. I hate the fact that I have to even see Aero, I only want to be in the Metro world at least in a tablet. Till then, I will be happy with the iPad 3. But still, this is a MUCH better alternative to Android.

C_Menz2271d ago

Well Apple just recently released a new OS for their iMacs, etc. that link all platforms through icloud so I doubt that they will release another updated OS so soon. I think when the iPhone 5 releases we will see something big from Apple.

Sobari2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Looks great, but perhaps a bit too gesture heavy. Remembering all of that will be a challenge for most, I believe.