How to Find if an Image is Real or Photoshopped - You might have seen many photos being shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but the real fact is that not all of these photos are real. Most of the cases, these photos might be modified using any tools like Adobe Photoshop, but this cannot be found out just by viewing the image or checking its properties.

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C_Menz2298d ago

Usually you can tell just by glancing at it, when they try and blend another object in youll see the slight blurry area or pixel difference.

fatstarr2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Also a way around this is to just take a screen shot of your original photo and then send it in. it looses all the picture data and all that other stuff.

its a shame people dont know how much info is really hidden in some pictures.

AgentWhite2298d ago

sometimes it is difficult to figure out in those cases such tools do help .

Dasteru2298d ago

ERRR... Someone please tell me im not seeing what i think im seeing in these results.

Speed-Racer2298d ago

Lol, the cat kick boxing the dog is indeed real.

gizmig2298d ago

Lol, Don't know how you saw its real. I am still confused if it is real or fake.

Speed-Racer2298d ago

It's not an intentional shot...just a lucky photo opportunity. GOogle cat hits dog and you'll see how many cats punch dogs lolol

fatstarr2298d ago

this will be a fun tool to try out

TVippy2298d ago

The tool is interesting, but not that helpful. Tried on some of the personal pics - doesn't find anything unusual.