AMD Radeon HD 7800 Specifications Revealed A specifications slide for AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7800 series has been leaked by a Japanese website. The Pitcairn chip effectively doubles up on Cape Verde, featuring 1280 SP in 20 CU, 80 TMU, 256-bit 2GB memory and 32 ROP. Transistor count also nearly doubles to 2.8 billion.

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C_Menz2391d ago

Looks to be pretty good, but it seems like it will fall short of Nvidia's new GPU's when they release.

ThePundit2391d ago

How did you reach that conclusion?

C_Menz2391d ago

If you read the various leaked specs of nvidia's new gpus you'll see why.

Blasphemy2391d ago

I am wandering the same thing.

ProjectVulcan2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

The word from inside the biz is that GK104 beats GTX580 and 7950 and gets close to 7970. At the least somewhere inbetween. This is where he gets that from.

7850 and 7870 look like great parts though, 7850 is just shy of a GTX570 overall, and 7870 is on par with a GTX580.

We will wait and see what Nvidia come up with but don't be surprised if the GTX660 beats even the 7950 as well as these cards. After that it depends on pricing and availability. If nothing else the Nvidia cards will hopefully reduce prices somewhat.

xer02391d ago

Yes but their release drivers are often questionable when compared to Nvidia.