Top 15 Best Free Backup Software

TechFlashed :Safety is what we all are looking for . So why not back up your Most precious data .Most precious data include your call letters , photos taken with your loved ones and it can be a project that you made in months and Other stuffs like songs and movies .Now you may be thinking Yes Backing Data is an essential task to do .

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AgentWhite1882d ago

Backing Up data is a very important task . Don't ever forget to backup the data .

fatstarr1882d ago

great article. I wish I had this in my younger xp days with all the trial ware and nonsense like that.

when I build my 10tb nas box Ill be sure to back up my important media files.

AgentWhite1882d ago

yupss ..These s/w let you make your volatile data Non Volatile :-p . In case say i lost my whole data i need not to worry for a second because the data can be recovered if i am having backup . That;s why its so important to backup .

fatstarr1882d ago

backup is just too much work for me.

I have 2 main desktops and 2 laptops that I use. then I have tons of spare laptops and netbooks and desktops with data on it. its a giant headache figuring out what I need to get and actually back up.

AgentWhite1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Indeed its a difficult task but you may have much more difficulties without backing . I have learned from my experiences in Past .

C_Menz1881d ago

I usually just store all my pictures, music, videos, documents on my 500gb external HDD. Don't really see a need in software that either uploads it(which they then might try and sell it back to you) or requires your external HDD to be plugged in all of the time.

I just drag/drop my Pictures, Videos, Personal Docs, and Music folders from my A drive onto it and have it skip any duplicates. Easy as that.

360ICE1881d ago

Backing up data is just another part of the liberal agenda. They want to lay seize all your dispensable income and lay waste to traditional christian values, which include not backing up your computer and not overclocking your hardware.

Speed-Racer1881d ago

God I hope you're kidding.

C_Menz1881d ago

Hahahaha I think you are joking(I hope) but I do kind of find it funny that people upload their personal or important data for companies to hold online. Why do it? Just keep a back up external HDD to keep it instead.