Are Facebook and Zynga about to break up?

CNET : Facebook and Zynga's fortunes are tightly linked. Zynga's latest changes challenge the relationship to move into a new, more mature state.

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AgentWhite2275d ago

Zynga the most popular in developing gaming apps about to breakup with facebook ? Is it the END of gaming In facebook . Because the most popular games on facebook come from Zynga .

Speed-Racer2274d ago

There are other gaming developers that use the Facebook platform fyi.

AgentWhite2274d ago

Zynga is one of the most familiar and popular one.

Speed-Racer2274d ago

So what? Are you saying that if Zynga goes, their platform dies? Some competitor is easily going to come in and fill their shoes..

BeastOrange2274d ago

Klick Nation just sold to BioWare, and they sold to EA.....Facebook wants all transactions to go through them first. Like here by a FB credit to use to buy a token for the games you play which is now less than what its worth.