10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps Of 2011

Gamerzpedia: Take a look at some of the most expensive iPhone apps of 2011, costing much more than the price of an iPhone.

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wjbjnr2359d ago

WTF ??? $999 dollards ??? are they serious!. These apps cost a fortune!. I've never seen such apps in the App store.

I am sure there are better alternative for the mentioned apps. the app costs more than the most expensive version of factory unlocked iPhone 4S !!

Bil2359d ago

Barmax deserves $999.99 according to TechCrunch.

wjbjnr2359d ago

looks like techcruch also got paid to review it positively!!

I mean come'on !!. no software on Earth for even PC costs that much(single license).. Hell even Microsoft Windows doesn't cost that much!!!

It's just an app!!!!!

Speed-Racer2359d ago



*inserts Schrute Facts face* Starting at three grand.

wjbjnr2358d ago


Nope you're wrong.....the starting price is nearly 4 grands :P

fatstarr2358d ago

lol im sure people have pirated this. only a rich fool or a hacked iphone user would buy this.