Browsing behavior in February: Internet Explorer and Chrome down, Firefox up

ARS Technica: For most of last year, it looked like Chrome was steadily catching up with Firefox and likely to overtake it in the first couple months of this year. But that hasn't happened; for a third straight month, Chrome has slightly declined, and Firefox has ever so slightly gained.

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C_Menz2327d ago

Thought that Chrome would be higher than that... I can't stand IE or Firefox(used to use FF before Chrome), they don't seem *right* when I use them compared to Chrome.

kronicgeek2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

What I personally feel is that the only reason why Firefox is up is the new update which was released last month. IE was up when version 9 was initially released but people now a days are getting familiar with Google Chrome. Even I thought that Chrome must be leading since Chrome 17.0 has really impressed me a lot.