Battleship Movie Edition By Hasbro

GamerFItNation was invited by Hasbro to check out the new Battleship Movie Edition Game during NYC Toy Fair 2012. They also got a chance to check out the new upcoming Battleship video game which is a 1st person shoot.

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C_Menz2330d ago

Battleship has come a long way from what I remember as a child... Used to set up and play when the power was out or at my cousins house. Now movies...iphone game...interative graphics.

Never imagined this when I was sticking the small pieces of plastic onto the board and lying where my ships were!

fredolopez2330d ago

battleship is totally awesome, i always looked forward to playing it at school on rainy days when we stayed in for recess!!

Speed-Racer2330d ago

Battleshots is even better. Take a shot of alcohol for every hit your partner guesses. First one to fall on the ground loses.

C_Menz2330d ago

I think that after one game(if you even make it that far) both players would be done for the next few days..

BeastOrange2330d ago

Battle Ship has had many versions come out and its good to see a iconic game surviving the times, kinda like operation has.