Unofficial VLC for Android Beta Released

What's Hawt: A senior XDA member has developed an unofficial version of VLC Player for the Android platform.

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Syko2330d ago

Awesome, Short of XBMC which I use for all it's pretty interfaces. VLC is a stable on my PC...I'll have to check this out. Even though I never watch video on my phone lol

Speed-Racer2330d ago

I never realized VLC included so many codecs in one package. I used to install a ton of different packages to play movies and stuff. Now I just use VLC for everything.

Syko2330d ago

Ya once I discovered VLC, I never again had the how the F do I open this file or why won't this video file play moments...

kronicgeek2330d ago

I never used anything apart from Real Player and Irfan View cause they could play almost all the stuff but when I first used VLC, I uninstalled Real Player. Recently a new VLC with UI update for PC was released and I'm sure this Android one is gonna rock. Even I never thought that a media player can be so useful with different codecs and features.

C_Menz2330d ago

Love VLC media player on my PC. Wish every video player had the wide range of supported codecs that VLC has.