Infiniti Emerg-E electric supercar official pics

What's Hawt: "Infinity has released official photos of the Emerg-E electric supercar which will be displayed at this year’s Geneva Auto Show."

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Speed-Racer2400d ago

If only the dashboard looked a bit more refined, rather than something out of a video game.

IllusionRSN2400d ago

That's actually what caught my eye the quickest!! I love it!

AgentWhite2400d ago

The images looks incredible i must say ..

C_Menz2400d ago

Looks great, but I think the whole electric thing is over-hyped in terms of being green. Most of our electricity is still made from burning gas/coal and won't change emissions, especially with the lack of effectiveness of power going through power lines over long distances.

Nonetheless it still looks like a nice car!

Blaine2399d ago

Depends where you're from.

In Quebec, most of our electricity is hydro, so it's clean. But like you said, this doesn't make much sense in places that still produce their electricity with gas and, the worst, coal.

madjedi2399d ago

That is why we need to push development of a newer generation of solar cells, actually maybe a generation or 2 beyond that even.

We are relying on a almost 100 yr old infrastructure to supply the energy needs of a 21st century world.

Same mindset as always, you have to think 5-10 yrs+ from today. And realise that most homes and businesses, need a energy audit badly do to very low energy efficiency.

The sun hits the earth with 86,000-88,000 terawatts of energy in the form of light, the usa needs only 16 terawatts. <--- This should be motivation enough, to ditch coal.

I think fossil fuels while useful are an old and absolute energy source that should be abandoned as soon as realistically possible.

A matter/anti-matter explosion using 1 atom each, is the equivalent of 3 hiroshima bombs. That is likely a few hundred yrs away as a energy source.