The Raspberry Pi £22 computer goes on general sale

BBC: A credit-card sized computer designed to help teach children to code goes on general sale for the first time today. The Raspberry Pi is a bare-bones, low-cost computer created by volunteers mostly drawn from academia and the UK tech industry. Sold uncased without keyboard or monitor, the Pi has drawn interest from educators and enthusiasts. Supporters hope the machines could help reverse a lack of programming skills in the UK.

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fatstarr2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I tried to get one but the sites that sell them are stressed out.

smh this thing is so awesome... the most unlikely must have of 2012

Going with board B

dexus2187d ago

yup,... and you can order only 1 per person :S , though they take preorders at farnell (i got mine :) )

fatstarr2187d ago

you got the unit or the pre-oder?

dexus2186d ago

just the preorder :( , they say 16.apr will be the next shipment.