Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most vital launch in years

GigaOM: Microsoft Windows was a fact of life for an entire generation raised on the PC. But we live in a different world now, and perhaps nothing underscores how much that world has changed more than the fact that the version of Windows that Microsoft is getting ready to launch this year is its most important product launch in decades.

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fatstarr2397d ago

they shoulda kept the same formula.

ill stick with 7 on my main for years to come

but hopefully 8 sticks, if you market it right XBOX, ZUNE, PHONE, Tablet, PC it might work. but im too much of a purist.

hopefully the every other curse isn't true..

98-ME XP-vista seven-windows 8

C_Menz2397d ago

Windows 8 is mainly geared towards Microsoft trying to re-enter the mobile market. Windows Phone isn't that popular anymore and with Windows 8 being designed for tablets/smartphones it will gain some of their market share back.

It'll be interesting to see how many adopt it on desktops though since it doesn't really seem needed since Windows 7 is still fresh and doesn't feel old in anyway on a hardware standpoint.

ChrisW2396d ago

I have an Asus Eee Slate, which is very nice, but I'm seeing nothing with Windows 8 that is making me WANT it. I'll just have to wait to see the reviews.