Unfriend Finder: Best Application To Know Who unfriends you on Facebook

Nerdsmagazine - While there are a number of websites and Facebook apps that promise the ability to see who deleted you, most of them are actually created to scam you of your personal information. However ,with Unfriend Finder, you can rest assured that your information will be kept safe and that you will still have the ability to check for those who deleted you off their profiles.

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cyberbob2333d ago

Might be you ain't need this.But their are many Facebook users who want to know this

dvfaa2333d ago

Still dumb though haha

fatstarr2329d ago

a lot of people. helps you find fake people and tells you who to avoid

fatstarr2329d ago

this is nice I need this in my life. dont really trust it tho but it would be cool.

if I weren't lazy id make something that follows your negative networks

anytime some one blocks or stops following you on twitter, tumblr, fb etc. you get notified.
it should be there by default but I guess social networks didnt wanna cause drama.