Google offering $1 million in rewards to exploit Chrome

What's Hawt: 'Google’s Chromium team has set aside $1 million for sponsorship at the CanSecWest security conference, in hopes of finding hackers who can successfully exploit Google Chrome.'

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Speed-Racer2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I still think the hackers may struggle to break their encryption, but nothing in code is inpenetrable.

IllusionRSN2332d ago

Is this Googles way of trying to catch Anonymous ?! Lol

C_Menz2332d ago

Google has always done things like this. A Win-win since if nobody finds any flaws then it means their products are safe. If flaws are found then they would much rather pay out the reward then potentially having lawsuits and other issues arise.

spicelicka2332d ago

@ C_Menz
exactly, and they can also fix the flaws if hackers find them. Its basically a $1million investment towards promoting chrome, safeguarding against lawsuits, ensuring product quality, and looking cool while doin it.............and perhaps scouting for potential future employees.

gaffyh2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Everything is hackable, so some hacker is pretty much guaranteed to get these payouts.

fatstarr2332d ago

cant wait to see the exploits.

Blasphemy2332d ago

They have been offering money to hack Chrome for awhile and noone has succeeded yet good luck!

Gondee2332d ago

The reason it has been so hard, is no add ons like flash are allowed. It will happen, and likely you could make more than a million dollars with such a hack, stealing information and such. Im sure something exists, but has yet to surface

duplissi2332d ago

if you read the article there are rewards for people who use extensions and add ons in their exploits, just that the reward is smaller. also if flash or some other universal plugin is used then wouldnt it be a fault of all browsers and not just chrome?

DeadManMcCarthy2332d ago

google are billionaires, 1 million dollars is chump change to them.

AgentWhite2332d ago

Its not the question of 1 million dollar . Its the confidence they have .