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Nokia's New Phone Has A 41 Mega-Pixel Camera

Geeks Have Landed: Nokia have just revealed the Nokia 808 PureView, which has a whopping 41 mega-pixel camera sensor.

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BeastOrange2337d ago

I am not even sure if my eyes can process the amount of clarity this offers. Its a paparazzi's wet dream phone...

gaffyh2337d ago

Insane if it is cheap, as it will literally kill every other phone on the market in terms of camera. Hell, even digital cameras aren't up to this spec yet.

Elvis2337d ago

It is going to cost about 600$.

fatstarr2337d ago

hopefully it pushes manufactures to stop being cheap and update their phones.

with the rate tech moves 5-8mp should not be industry standard in 2012

C_Menz2337d ago

I think 41mp is a bit overkill for a mobile phone.

KingPin2336d ago

thats it nokia, improve that camera. heck, thats all you've been improving on every smartphone of yours since 2005.

still running your POS meego or symbian?

get with the times already. if it aint WM7+ or Android you can stick your 41mp camera up your ass and take hi-def pix of what crap looks like. it will be a self portrait.

contra1572336d ago

Even with tha feature it doesn't make it a MUST buy tag.

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