RIP Facebook: Funniest Twitter Responses to the Trending Topic

IBTimes HK writes,

RIP Facebook became a trending topic early Saturday, with several Twitter users poking fun at the false declaration that the rival social-networking site was dead. Twitter users weren't making fun of someone's actual death, they seemed to have started the trending topic to generate a few laughs among each other about the possibility of Facebook, their rival, no longer operating.

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AgentWhite1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Yes these responses seems funny but the point is facebook is still very popular among millions . twitter and facebook can't be compared because of their difference in use.

spy20121824d ago

Hah, are you Mark Zuckerberg?
If you are, we may make friends..

AgentWhite1824d ago

i dont had to be Mark Zuckerberg . Its my opinion .

Fel081824d ago

So was MySpace at one point.

fatstarr1824d ago

the funniest one Ive read personally is

if the rent is free and the food is free and everything else is free.
you are the product being sold. sheep in a barn.