iPhone 5 Rumor: Apple to Ditch Traditional Dock Connector in Its Upcoming iPhone?

IBTimes writes,

Speculations are rife that Apple is set to replace the traditional dock connector, perhaps to make space for the other components in its upcoming Smartphone iPhone 5. The news has come from technology Web site iMore, which said that a smaller "micro dock" may accompany the forthcoming Apple Smartphone. However, the site didn't mention anything about its source.

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AgentWhite2333d ago

Its all the spoiling news coming from apple . Some patents disputes , disputes in china now apple to ditch traditional dock connector . wow is there some thing more we can expect .

itech1532332d ago

it's Apple's strategy to grasp users?

Steve Jobs could give us amazing features, but Cook? i have no idea..

Speed-Racer2333d ago

I hope they go towards MicroUSB. Tired of their crappy custom docks. The EU has implemented some policy though that will force manufacturers to switch to a standardized port by 2014, and I'm not or not if Apple was part of that agreement.

plumber152332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

They should go with what the macbooks use the (Magsafe ) that would be the best for the user and the APPLE it would make the user that has other APPLE products happy , and it would cut down on APPLE fixing the 30 pins that break from time to time .

Sobari2331d ago

Not sure if the magsafe connectors are capable of data transfer, though.

plumber152328d ago

well thanks for F-ing up that idea , I was going to purpose this to APPLE and be the next Ceo
Totally didn't even think of that .

fatstarr2331d ago

thats the downfall of apple if they change the dock.

fatstarr2330d ago

I hate apple but its the worlds most used cable, for I everything. you take that away for the new phone and then when someone has a low battery they cant just charge their phone everywhere.

its all in the mind state of "easy to use" and "reliability" I see a lot of discouraged people going
ted: my phone is dying hey bill do you have an ipod charger?
bill: yea ted I have one.
ted: ohhhh noooo it doesn't fit my phone...

I see the discouragement by me when people ask me ridiculous questions like " do you have an ipod wire" the answer is no since I dont own any apple shit. its gonna make a difference small things made big changes.

Gondee2331d ago

I like their cable better than microUSB. MicroUSB can't really hold the phone in place on docks and things like that, and doesn't "snap" into the phone. I my samsung focus i constantly found that it had fallen out while charging. ;/. I do think they should ditch there connection type in favor of something much faster though. Take advantage of USB 3.0