Dutch Scientists Devise Way To Efficiently And Cheaply Convert Plants To Plastic

appsplit:"Dutch researchers have found a way to efficiently and cheaply transform biomass (read: plants) into common plastic marking a significant step towards producing plastic from a 100 percent renewable source.
The news comes via the Scientific American which says that a team from Utrecht University and Dow Chemical Co has devised a method to produce ethylene and propylene from biomass. The research done by Krijn De Jong and his colleagues is published in the journal Science."

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BeastOrange2335d ago

Interesting. Cheapest way to produce plastic so far, but still raping the vegetation of the earth for a plastic fork. I would like to know how many pounds of vegetation it takes to make 1 pound of plastic.

AgentWhite2335d ago

WOW .. they found another way of spoiling ecosystem ...And they say its cheap :-p