The Best Android Phones

PC Mag - The greatest thing about Google's Android mobile OS: You have your choice of top-notch handsets on all four major carriers. Behold, the best Android phones you can buy right now.

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TheMrMalro2335d ago

Missed out the HTC Evo 3D ;)

NewMonday2335d ago

a Samsung lovefest, IMOO its the lamest designed Android phone.

vickers5002335d ago

Just recently upgraded from a Palm Pre to Sprints Galaxy s2 Epic 4g Touch, and this thing is amazing. The pre was by far one of the worst phones I'd ever had. It was slow as hell and extremely buggy. Plus the damn thing took literally 8 minutes to reboot itself.

So glad I upgraded, as this epic 4g touch is lagless and responsive as hell.