Report: NVIDIA is releasing GK104 in March as GeForce GTX 670 Ti A report from Sweclockers claims that NVIDIA is finally set to release the first Kepler GPU in March. As expected, first in line will be GK104 - to be branded as GeForce GTX 670 Ti

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C_Menz2405d ago

Excited to see how to 600 series performs when it releases. I have two 560ti's currently but if these prove to be a huge leap forward I might need to upgrade in 2 years instead of my planned 4-5.

hiredhelp2405d ago

Im happy with my 7970, baring in mind i had what you have sli gtx560 just not the ti version's.
But i cant describe the boost i get if your a nvidia lover if they can match performance of 7950 or better then you in for treat.

C_Menz2405d ago

So far my current set up can max any game(BF3 I lower AA slightly though for MP). Don't think I will upgrade until I drop below medium settings or if game developers actually take advantage of the new cards.

Software_Lover2405d ago

Graphics Cards are too overpowered and underused. I'm still rocking my 6950 with 6970 bios and every game I play has no problems.

dexus2405d ago

Same here..
But I hope that new VGA's from nVidia will lower price of ATI's 7970 and I will go for it.
BF3 in ULTRA settings at 50-60 FPS ... that's my aim.