8 Ways To Preserve Your Laptop Battery

Layer8 Blog: "Many of us own laptops, these devices allow us to do everything that is possible on a desktop anywhere outside of our homes. The sad thing is, laptops require battery power when we are away from a power source, and this can be a huge problem, since battery life is not a strong point on most laptops. This article will attempt to help you get the most out of your laptop battery life with 8 tips on how to get more juice from your laptop."

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cyberbob2342d ago

One more tip which i want to share with you .

Try to charge up ur laptop only when it reached with last 10% battery.At that time make your laptop fully charged.This will really help to increase battery life.Not Charge your battery when its 70 or 80 %

C_Menz2342d ago

Usually just turning off wifi/bluetooth on laptops(and smartphones) will almost double your battery's charge. Other than that I don't both with any of the smaller things.

fatstarr2341d ago

a laptop with out wifi... is a little stone age.

C_Menz2341d ago

Well, if you are traveling or can do without it then it is a good option. You wouldn't do it 100% of the time, but it comes in handy.

Speed-Racer2342d ago

Also don't keep your laptop plugged in all the time. Let the battery run down sometimes.

Ulf2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Lithium Ion batteries take about 2x the juice to charge from 50% - %100 than they do from 0% to 50%.

The lifetime of your battery is basically directly related to the amount of power you channel through it, over its lifetime -- thus, charging your battery to only 60-80%, from an initial 0-15%, will extend your battery life considerably.

(a) Don't recharge until you've gotten low.
(b) Don't bother charging past 80% unless you *really* need the extra charge the next time you'll use the device. That last 20% will cost you nearly the amount of battery life that the first 80% cost you.

C_Menz2341d ago

Never knew this... Really good info.

Vames2341d ago

Some of these suggestions are completely new to me, thanks for the info.