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Facebook hacker jailed for eight months

Cnet: A student from York who hacked into Facebook has been sentenced to eight months in prison, in what was described as "the most extensive and grave incident of social media hacking to be brought before the British courts."

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KingPin2317d ago

so thats it huh facebook. create a website, tell people its safe, tell em to expose their lives on it, create a system thats hackable <spend billions and still hopeless on that matter> and then when people do get in you jail them.

its not like he sold the data for a profit so i dont see a crime here. i also dont see that he got any info that he wasnt supposed to <credit card numbers, etc> so whats the big deal.

nightriders2317d ago

Hackers should be given high penalty when caught!

fatstarr2317d ago

its pretty cool.

I think they shoulda went easy
screw being a whitehat it gets you jail time he shoulda just went full guns blazing to show them their vulnerabilities.

C_Menz2317d ago

This kid was pretty dumb. Many companies pay or reward hackers for exposing weaknesses and reporting them without actually doing harm. But simply deciding to hack into the brains of the service and steal information and then essentially blackmailing them in a way is retarded.

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