5 Effective Facebook Account Security Tips

TechTeria: 5 Effective Facebook Account Security tips to protect your account from being Hacked.

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cyberbob2409d ago

Not a bad tips.But are we really secure if we are using these security measure.As i'm already using these tips but still i have to change my password every week

cyberbob2408d ago

Nice joke buddy.But that not my type of passwords.;-)

Speed-Racer2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Maybe you should just set a proper password so you don't have to change it every week...just saying...

and don't join those see your profile or porn apps etc. Profiles don't become compromised just like that.

SKUD2408d ago

Security and FB don't mix. At any level. Enjoy.

dilawer2408d ago

I am using maybe 3 of these tips already and my account is secure as hell. I've got the best password a man could have. :D

Fadetoblack692408d ago

Mines already secure. My entire facebook account uses nothing but fake information attached to a 'spam only' email address I created. No names, no addresses, no phone numbers, nothing. My friends know who I am.

If they ever decide to force verification or stop us from using accounts like this, well, I can easily live without Facebook. *Shrug*

The easiest way to keep your personal information personal is simply to not use it and don't post things you don't want 'out there'.

Above rules apply to Google as well. The only person I trust with any of my personal information is me.