PS Vita Unboxing Video ( unboxes the PS Vita.

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LinkageAX2345d ago Show
masterabbott2345d ago

Interesting video, lets hope the games on the PSVITA are enough to keep it afloat.

scoobydoodoo2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Eh, the Vita probably won't be all THAT great. Sony is killing the Vita by limited the PSN account feature and making a mem stick be required...

masterabbott2344d ago

the single account feature is really annoying they shouldnt of done that.

Sobari2344d ago

Sony's been doing a lot of shit to get more money out of the consumer with the Vita. The lack of built-in memory means you HAVE to buy one of the overpriced memory cards, and the fact that you can only have one PSN account per system means you have to buy multiple systems for each person. If you want to go even deeper in that, the fact that Sony is offering digital versions of retail Vita games for a slightly lower price means that people will probably go out and buy multiple memory cards to hold all those games, thinking that they're saving money by going digital. In actuality, the price of the proprietary is so high that have to buy several dozen games just to break even.