Skype, Swype Both Update For Android; Don’t Get Confused

Mashable : If you’ve been following smartphones for any period of time, there’s a chance you’ve briefly misread Skype as Swype, or vice versa, at least once. So as not to confuse you with one over the other, this afternoon we’re seeing each of these apps get their own updates on Android.

Skype started-off the month with an update for the Belle version of its VoIP software, as well as being featured in rumors of beta testing its app for Windows Phone handsets. Today the company’s attention is on Android, with the release of version of its app. Probably the best news here is for owners of Sprint’s Galaxy S II, the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, which receives support for making video calls. The update isn’t just for them, though, as a new call interface and changes made to increase call quality should be enjoyed by all users.

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