Star Wars The Old Republic Headset by Razer Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers - Ever wanted a pair of 7.1ch headphones that were Star Wars themed? Check out Capsule Computers review on whether or not this is the pair you want.

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masterabbott2347d ago

interesting looking headsets, i dont know if i'll pick them up though. I might stick with my turtle beach ones for now.

discordman2347d ago

I don't really see the point of a SWTOR Headset, but to each their own.

moosekebabs2347d ago

It doesn't even look that great to be honest....

koga882347d ago

I hate how nearly every time a major game is announced, Razer has to take and make some shoddy product to try and make money off of the game's name. They don't even look like they would match Star Wars... rip off

C_Menz2346d ago

Can't blame them for doing it. If there is a market for these types of products then they will continue to make them.

Don't like it? Don't buy it.