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Must Have Apps For Android Beginners

Geeks Have Landed: A compilation of the best apps you must download for your new Android phone.

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dilawer2345d ago

Nice list but I think it needs Spool instead of Read it later and PowerAMP player too. other than that it is the perfect beginner android kit.

PS: Dolphin Browser HD! :D

fatstarr2344d ago

idk whats wrong with the site but it just tripped like 2 antivirus programs.

Speed-Racer2344d ago

Yea me too.

@sjtechblog - sorry man, it's happening again.

sjtechblog2336d ago

Sorry for the virus scare. For the past few days I have been working with my theme developer who found the problem lied in the actual design. We have re-done everything which has erased any trace of the virus 'threat' that people were experiencing.