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The death of Firefox

ExtremeTech: It doesn’t look good for Firefox: Almost every month for the last three years, Firefox has lost ground to Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. For most of 2009 the trend was fairly straight as it fended off Chrome and nibbled away at IE, but between 2010 and today Firefox has lost a third of its market share, from a worldwide peak of around 30% down to 20%.

You can look at this two ways. First, the total number of people on the internet is growing, so while Firefox’s share has decreased, the total number of people using Firefox is increasing. The other point of view is that Firefox, whether you like it or not, is declining in popularity.

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C_Menz2353d ago

Firefox really must hate Google right now.... Without Chrome entering the market they would still be the best browser out there, but now it is sort of irrelevant(at least to me).

I remember opening Firefox on my PC a couple months ago instead of Chrome and noticing how bloated and clunky it felt toolbar wise. Didn't feel as nice using it compared to Chrome.

blumatt2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

I still prefer using Safari. (I used to use it on my HP laptop, and now I still use it on my MacBook Pro.) It's simplicity is much better than any of the others in my opinion. I do have Chrome too, but rarely use it.

I think we can all agree, though, that IE flat out sucks.

just_looken2352d ago

i much rather have firefox atleast there not openy admitting there spying on us and google pays you to loose your internet freedom.

the death of the internet freedom not firefox

duplissi2351d ago

you can opt out of all of google's "spying" btw, just search for google chrome opt out extensions, also you can opt out more things as well by ticking the check box in your google account settings.

they are open about it and openly let you opt out if you like. hardly the death of internet freedom.

Chupa-Chupa2353d ago

I use to like firefox, but frankly it has been a complete disaster lately. The thing crashes all the time. I'm now using chrome.

nix2352d ago

i held out to FF.. but it crashes and once it crashes it is just impossible to restart again. and it just freezes like forever every time i start FF. on my mac desktop btw. finally shifted to chrome couple of days back. i was using chrome on my macbook pro for the last 6 months though. sorry ff.

xVeZx2352d ago

i use both firefox and chrome

SantistaUSA2352d ago

Same here, some websites work better with different browsers. I like them both. Internet explorer sucks!

RedDevils2352d ago

I use both too, but I used Chrome more as it faster imo

Max Power2352d ago

If chrome incorporated my track pad completely, then I'd use it, but it doesn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.