CIA Web Site Hacked, Anonymous Claims Responsibility

IBTimes writes,

Anonymous, the shady hackers' group, has apparently attacked the Web site of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).The site went offline since Friday night even as Anonymous posted messages on its Twitter page claiming that the URL was hacked. "CIA TANGO DOWN," read one of the tweets. Another one read: "CIA Tango Down: Anonymous strikes again."

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Serg2417d ago

They really come accross as ADHS (Attention deficite hyper syndrome) kids with hacking skills. Hacking websites left right and center and always publicly announce it. They should dial it down a notch, they probably don't see it that way but they are just blowing the doors off of any internet freedom we are currently "allowed". If they keep this up a voice louder than theirs will convince the majority that they are cyber terrorist and that we need protection from them, making way for an internet patriot act. People in fear are willing to give up anything to feel safe again.

C_Menz2417d ago

You are right.... I don't mind if they are hacking someone who "deserves it". But constantly hacking everyone left and right sort of pushing these radical internet censorship laws forward.

Thats what you get though when you have a group that isn't really "led" by anyone, has it's upsides and downsides.