iPhone or Android: What’s the Best AT&T Smartphone Deal?

IBTimes writes,

Every time a new expensive smartphone debuts on AT&T, new deals pop for some devices that have been out for even just a few months. That includes Android and iPhone prices, and Samsung just debuted the Galaxy Note, a $300 5.3-inch display Android monster. New releases push prices down on older phones, even as AT&T plays up the new phones' superior features. So, if you're contract is up and you're looking for the best AT&T deal, here's what you need to know.

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C_Menz2346d ago

My brother recently got a great deal from AT&T. His wife has an iphone 4 and he was able to get an iphone 3gs for around $25 and then it only added on $10 a month to their family plan for his phone..

Might not be the best phone out right now but certainly a good deal.

spy20122346d ago

wow, lucky?!

it is a great deal indeed!