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iPhone apps Path and Hipster offer address-book apology

The makers of two iPhone apps have apologised after it emerged they had uploaded users address-book information without explicit permission.

Mr Ludlow invited other developers to attend an "application privacy summit" at its San Francisco headquarters.

The aim, he wrote, would be to create a "privacy pledge - one that can be adopted by all apps, detailing for users what types of privacy expectations they should have".

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Cat2347d ago

Yeah, maybe instead of a lame summit they could just do things properly - like hash emails - instead of nabbing all your contacts, unsecured.

C_Menz2347d ago

They are only apologizing since they were caught. The obviously knew what the apps were doing but didn't really care.

Cat2347d ago

Exactly - even the opt-in could have been there from the start, but it wasn't. What I wonder is if they are actually so inept as to think the way in which they were retrieving and storing the data was acceptable.

BeastOrange2347d ago

Makes you wonder how well some of the companies we trust with information are actually ran. Make me even more grateful for the ones that send me all the annoying possible hacked emails.