Google, Amazon Steal Strategy from Apple, Open Brick-and-Mortar Stores

IBTimes HK writes,

The tech giants of Silicon Valley appear to be chasing after Apple's brick-and-mortar sales model: Earlier this week, rumors began circulating the Web about the possibility of an Amazon brick-and-mortar store opening in its home base of Seattle.

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BeastOrange2349d ago

Imitation is a form of flattery...

Syko2349d ago

Amazon Brick and Mortar stores mean I will have to pay State sales tax online if they open one in AZ. No thank you.

NOT to mention that the beauty of Amazon is everything they offer. Not select few items they have in a store. Stupid all around. Google maybe, Amazon HELL NO!

C_Menz2349d ago

I agree. I love Amazon since I can find pretty much anything I could ever need on it. Having a store sort of defeats the purpose.

Soldierone2348d ago

Arizona is already ruining that business for them. They just fined Amazon for "not collecting sales tax" and soon enough Amazon will start doing so.

Leave it to Arizona government(Im from here too) to ruin the one thing thriving in this state....

C_Menz2348d ago

Well I'm from NJ and always get charged sales tax when I buy directly from Amazon. Thought they did this in every state with sales tax?

Syko2348d ago

Hmm, I thought they worked out that a "Fulfillment Center" didn't count as a "Physical Store"...Oh well time to start looking for Plan B. Sales Tax can eat me in this Internet Age on Big Products.