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Kodak to Cease Digital Camera Production

Jim Fisher, PCMag:

"Eastman Kodak announced today that it is phasing out production of digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames."

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C_Menz2328d ago

Sad to see Kodak going down. Such a well known brand that pretty much everyone knows(besides those under 16 or so) and was an important part in making what cameras into are now today.

BeastOrange2327d ago

Kodak is an American icon that I doubt will truly disappear.

zeal0us2326d ago

I'm just waiting for the fire-sale to will probably be a while :(

sealava2326d ago

sooo many memories were captured with Kodak by millions upon millions of people over the past years ...
loosing Kodak is like loosing part of the memories it helped to capture .