Apple's iPad 3 may launch first week of March

Nathan Olivarez-Giles, Los Angeles Times:

"And the latest iPad 3 rumor is -- drumroll please -- that Apple's new iPad will make its debut in the first week of March.

The tech news site AllThingsD reported Wednesday that unnamed sources have said that Apple has selected the first week of next month for the next iPad launch event, which will likely take place in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where Apple has held many events in the past."

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f7897902417d ago


Yet another Apple product launch for the news to report about.

C_Menz2417d ago

To early... Nobody is really wanting a new iPad. They should wait until fall and make the iPad 3 a bit better.

dilawer2417d ago

Well, the iPad 3 is coming out early they should bring out the iPhone 5 first.

C_Menz2416d ago

Why? They recently launched the iphone 4s that is the "bridge" to the iphone 5 to keep sales from declining. Millions are still buying the iphone 4 and now the 4s so keeping on Apple's usual release schedule makes sense... The Iphone 5 will release in the fall and be a hit.

dilawer2415d ago

well, I seriously doubt the "Being a Hit" part. SGS3 is going to beat the crap out of iPhone this time. iPhone already played the Siri card they have nothing else left to make it better. :D

C_Menz2415d ago

Apple always has something up it's sleeve. Better for them to wait until the end of the year rather than rush the next iphone out with less features.

And sure the next galaxy phone will do well, but it still doesn't effect pre-existing customers that much in my opinion. Switching all of your bought apps and content between Android and Apple isnt really worth the hassle and the amount of stuff you would leave behind.