Latest Google Chrome Update Promises Faster Browsing

Gadgehit writes: "The latest stable release for Google’s increasingly popular web browser, Chrome, promises faster web browsing capabilities, as well as safer downloading."

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Sillyace922019d ago

Seems like a waste of bandwidth, if it automatically loads up a website that you might or might not go to, but it is google and they usually have they're stuff together.

gaffyh2018d ago

Does seem to work though, because most of the time it tends to guess right

C_Menz2018d ago

If done right it will be great. I think at first it might not be to optimized but as you use Chrome longer and build up a history it would get better.

BeastOrange2018d ago

Not such a good thing for those who clear their history often.

dilawer2018d ago

Looks and works like the previous version for me. BTW I kinda liked that + sign for New tab button, Y U No Keep It?

gaffyh2018d ago

I kinda thought that was a weird change too. They probably just wanted to do something so that the release looked different from version 16

dilawer2017d ago

by removing the + sign. Google needs much better changes, but I love the syncing of history, bookmarks feature. Now, I have the same browser on my phone, pc and wherever I go. :D

Agent_hitman2018d ago

they always promise that feature lol, nothing new? lol

bahabeast2018d ago

i think chrome is the best browser IMO wayyyy better than I.E firefox second and safari third but hey jus my opinion.

C_Menz2017d ago

Agreed. Although I enjoy Safari over Firefox now Chrome is still better than both by a good margin.

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