14 Secrets To Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Gamerzpedia: Trying to improve alexa rank of your site? Checkout these 14 tips that can give you a boost to your site's alexa rank.

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BeastOrange2349d ago

Pretty simple ideas/tips. Anyone with sense already does a few of these, as for getting people to review your site for free, that seems like the hard one.

Speed-Racer2349d ago

I hate to say it but most of these tips either don't work or may cause more harm than good to your website.

To increase your Alexa rank, just get more traffic, both unique hits and more page views per user.

C_Menz2349d ago

Agreed. Just seems like they were pushing to get more people to download their toolbar and services rather then making a list about improving your website.

gaffyh2349d ago

Installing the toolbar, and getting others you know to install the toolbar seems to help though. Other than that, you just have to get more hits. I don't think any of the other tricks work.

Speed-Racer2349d ago

If it does, I don't think by much to even talk about.