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RIAA still raging against Google, Wikipedia for "misuse of power" in SOPA battle

ARS Technica: Sherman throws down the gauntlet. Not interested in playing the "humble" card, Sherman apparently believes he's going to get better results in his quest to revive something like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) by resorting to rank insults.

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gaffyh2328d ago

WTF? How is it a misuse of power? It was the perfect use of there power. They didn't force people to sign a petition, they just provided a link and educated the public. Stupid RIAA seem to think that it is perfectly fine if the public are unaware of potentially damaging legislation?

C_Menz2328d ago

Agreed. They are just mad that they were able to finally get the general public to realize that these bills were trying to be passed out of the public's eye.