Groups: Congress Should Scrap SOPA, PIPA and Start Over

PC World: The U.S. Congress should scrap two controversial copyright enforcement bills and start over with attempts to target foreign websites accused of infringement and counterfeiting, more than 70 groups have said.

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C_Menz2349d ago

Pretty sure that they are already reworking these bills before taking another shot at getting them passed... The bills should Center around the major websites/users who distribute and infringe copyrights. Take them down and the rest will slowly decrease to where it isn't a huge deal.

But making a bill that effects just about anyone on the Internet goes a bit to far. It would be like cops pulling every single car over if they go 1mph over the speed limit and then fining them $50,000 and throwing them in jail for 2 years.

BeastOrange2349d ago

Not exactly a new opinion if you ask me. People have been screaming this forever. The issue is politics and dealing with other governments to do us a favor and go after what we deem are "bad guys". Thats why I like groups like Anom, third echelon, fifth freedom, don't answer to nobody ass whoopins and nobody can tie them to a specific country or political faction.

C_Menz2348d ago

While those groups do perform some good deeds and stand up for the right side most of the time.... They do tend to go overboard and abuse their "power" by hacking or tarnishing innocent companies or people at times.

BeastOrange2348d ago

Yes you make a good point, but those organizations can only exist in the structure they do, if they start having rules and regulations then they would not be as successful. All it takes is one bad egg to ruin the bunch, but I am confident groups like Anom would serve up their own justice if someone in the collective acts outside their beliefs.