Adobe confirms: no Flash for Chrome on Android

ARS: Google issued a beta release of Chrome for Android earlier today. The browser provides support for modern Web standards and includes a number of compelling features that aren't available in the Android's default browser. One noteworthy Chrome desktop feature that isn't included in the mobile port, however, is the integrated Flash runtime.

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cyberbob2354d ago

Thats really bad ...Even i'm not happy that Chrome is available for android only because its only for ICS 4.0 and + its not available for Android below the then 4.0

C_Menz2354d ago

Welcome Andriod users to what us IPhone users have to deal with...

Sobari2354d ago

Good. Adobe needs to hurry up and die.

C_Menz2354d ago

Dont really agree with this... There is nothing wrong with Adobe in general and overall they are a good company. Hate Flash? Then don't use it on your website.

I find that with Apple and now in a way Google simply cutting them out and depriving their users of part of the web a bit to far. All it does is hurt the people you are providing a service to. They are lucky enough however that there arent many alternatives widely popular.

Strange_Evil2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Flash sucks... Drains battery too fast and it consumes more resources than HTML5 and invariably crashes my browser. Heck I own an Android phone and even I wish that Flash died soon so that HTML5 will become standard. Good thing Apple, Microsoft and now even Google are showing them the door.

Don't give a sh!t if Adobe dies quiet frankly. I hate it when companies who establish monopolies rest on laurels with the same old crappy technology and product just cause no one likes to stand in front of them. Flash has over-stayed it's welcome. In an age where battery life and stability of browser is key, it has no purpose. The faster the world moves on the better.

SnakeCQC2354d ago

i was mad at steve jobs for taking off flash from the iphone but for a long time now it has been increidibly unstable and keeps crashing my chrome browser whenever i want to load more than 3 videos at a time. Flash is crap when html5 arrives it will be obsolete

C_Menz2354d ago

For now though it should still be supported. Just dropping it while it is still widely used is not the best option.

SnakeCQC2354d ago

yeah i know just wish it was a bit more stable html 5 is still 3 years away :(

dilawer2354d ago

WTF? No flash! That was the only thing that gave android an edge over the iPhone :D