Nanotechnology: Will it kill us all?

ExtremeTech: You can’t look at internet news lately without seeing the latest and greatest in nanotechnology developments. Everything these days is being manufactured smaller, faster, more durable, and under more and more human control with the help of science. Nanotechnology is a giant rising star in business, already cresting $225 billion dollars in product sales as of 2009 with exponential growth continuing. It’s the cure-all, the golden egg, or the philosopher’s stone, if you will, of the modern world of science. As such, every other industry wants a piece of this new revenue pie and is developing nanotech faster than we can think about it.

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C_Menz2354d ago

While I think Nanotechnology is something that will be great for mankind, when it comes to having little things swim inside of me like in the movies/books I will pass.