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How-To: Upload Full Size Images To SkyDrive From Your Windows Phone 7

MobileTopSoft: "Uploading the full size of a picture to SkyDrive from a Windows Phone 7 handset is a problem faced by many users, gladly, there is a simple work around to solve this little thorn in the side."

"We are guessing Microsoft allows the compression to take place because the limit imposed on 3G data, but then again, there are no limits on WiFi so why does the same thing occurs when WiFi is being used? Mystery."

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BeastOrange2328d ago

Not having regular updates is problematic, having to wait for OS updates can take forever..

Vames2328d ago

True, that's why we have the official applications. The built in services like Facebook, SkyDrive, Twitter and the likes are all for conveniences only.