Facebook May Find Tough to Break the Great (Fire)wall of China

IBTimes HK writes,

When it comes to China, Facebook should consider itself forewarned. Cracking the world's biggest internet population might seem an obvious ambition for the social networking giant as it trumpets its global growth before a $5 billion initial public offering, but the chances it will succeed look slim.

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C_Menz2353d ago

A good chance for Facebook if they can actually do this... However even if they are allowed to do so they may not like what comes along with it. China will most likely force Facebook to over-regulate it's users based in China and sensor a lot of data from the rest of the users/world given how controlling China is.

Who knows if it would even prove to be valuable to Facebook anyway. Would China allow Facebook to collect information from it's citizens and sell that info to market ads to them? Doubt it.

As far as being late to the party, I don't think that matters much. Facebook is Facebook. Millions of Chinese will flock to the site.

BeastOrange2353d ago

FaceBook is far to free with the flow of information for the Chinese government to allow. I do wonder what they will call their version though!

spy20122353d ago

no idea!

Chinese government won't give up their rules.

C_Menz2353d ago

They already have a few social websites in China so I don't think that they particularly need to copy the Facebook name/look.