Newly Discovered Super-Earth Is 'Best Candidate' For Supporting Life

NRM: "22 light years away, you'll find a planet which has been given the categorically dull name of 'GJ 667 Cc,' or as it's being emphatically named: The 'super-Earth.' The planet, orbiting a nearby star, has been detected and analysed, with findings giving a solid prediction that it may support life and human inhabitance."

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C_Menz2350d ago

Love seeing that Astronomers are finding planets like this slowly and the list builds for possible planets as the years pass. It's going to be interesting in the next 10-25 years to see if we make another "giant leap" forward again in space.

BeastOrange2350d ago

22 light years... so if I put my new born on the ship his grand kids would be the ones to arrive? I cant wait for "warp speed"