How To Get Rid Of Facebook Timeline

NRM writes "So Timeline has been rather polarizing in terms of thoughts and opinions about it's design and functionality. Some accepting this complete renovation with open arms, warming positively to the 'scrapbooking' mentality of the implementation, whereas others detest this idea of yet further effort and attempts at expansion beyond the primary (and for most solitary) uses of sharing and communicating..."

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gizmig2356d ago

great information, must read if anyone dont like the timeline view

Speed-Racer2356d ago

But you would be disabling a number of the ajaxlike features as well. Am I right?

cyberbob2356d ago

wats bad in Facebook timeline

armchaircritic002356d ago

I must be one of the few who actually like timeline. I think it's a nice upgrade.

Agent_hitman2355d ago

Timeline Sucks!, it looks like

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The story is too old to be commented.