Can Google's 'Solve For X' Save the World?

IBTimes writes,

Google launched a homepage for a new science and technology conference it will be hosting, Solve For X. The conference was announced in a 53-second video that reveals very few details about how the conference will operate.Some of the text revealed from the CSS workaround also emphasizes that the presentations should not be focused on raising funds or lecturing the crowd: "This is not an academic talk. This is a problem-oriented and people-oriented talk. Think to yourself--whose lives will be positively and radically transformed by our moonshot proposal?"

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C_Menz2350d ago

Sounds interesting to say the least. But it is going to be private from what I understand? I would think that something like his would be great for Google+ like how Obama did a live "hangout" recently.

I would certainly tune in if I was online at the time.